Friday, February 27, 2015

Bel lost her first tooth....

I can't remember if I blogged Seb loosing his first tooth, I'm pretty sure I instagrammed it at least. Either way, theres so much going on with teeth in this house right now..... Babies growing teeth, big kids loosing them! I can't keep up let alone the poor old tooth fairy! She's getting forgetful in her old age! I'm not sure how many times I can keep making excuses for her in the morning! (oops).
I'll give her credit, she did show up on time for Bel's first tooth and it's a good job too because we had a dramatic day of tooth wobbling, crying and refusing to eat. Even a bit of screaming and foot stamping! I was quite surprised at how badly Isobel took to having a really wobbly tooth, I do hope it isn't this bad next time! In the end though, she figured enough was enough and pulled the little blighter out herself while I wan't looking. Go Bel! Seb would never have done that! 

Bel had a birthday!

 I can't get over the fact that my tiny Bel is 6! It just can't be right! 

To celebrate we had a lovely party with lots of her cute wee friends and I even made her the worlds ugliest mermaid cake! Don't look too closely, she's just freaky! No seriously I'm so surprised Seb didn't have nightmares that night! Far less frightening things have had that effect on him. 

I didn't get great photos of this party, but forgive me, I was chief game organiser and food server, I was surrounded by crazed 5 and 6 year olds and had a rather heavy baby strapped to my back for most of it. The camera was my last priority, we're lucky there are any pictures at all!  

I did put Silas in his chair for while but quickly realized that 5 year olds like to feed babies all kinds of things when Mama's busy prepping party games. Silas loved it of course. 

It was a good party, Bel of course had an amazing time! She even loved my ugly Mermaid! She is a good girl my Bel,  a true free spirit. She's taught me a thing or two about happiness and living in the moment that's for sure! Mygreatest wish for her is that she carries that wild happiness in her special heart for ever. 

Happy 6th birthday Belly! We all love you so!

Si Si is 10 months old.....

Si has mastered the art of pulling himself up and cruising from one piece of furniture to the next. He has also thankfully become much better at getting back down to floor level without the falling  backwards with big head bumps we were repeatedly dealing with a couple of weeks back. 
We have even witnessed a few moments of completely unsupported balance! Just for a few seconds until he realizes he's not holding on :) 

 He's moved on from the one arm, one leg, wounded soldier crawl and now for the most part goes full speed ahead on all fours. Oh and for the record, as of two days ago, he can climb stairs! Eeeeek! Best get some baby gates up!

A few other cutie Si-isms that I want to remember from this stage......first there's his super - concentration face, mouth wide open, lips pursed forward a bit. This face tells me that he means business and will stop at nothing to accomplish whatever it is he has his mind set on in that moment! We see it a lot! And I'm curious to know if he'll keep making it as he gets older. 

 His cinnamon-bun swirl of the softest, fluffiest red hair against his smooshy soft pale skin. I love that wee swirl! 

The back of his head...that profile, those ears, it just IS my Grandad! So weird and so cute :)

 Here's that concentration face again....

Those big dark dark eyes!

What else? Soft snuffelufagus eyelashes, big smooshy cheeks, the kissable lips! That hair! Oh Silas you are such a cutie and I am the worlds most blessed Mama, three times over!