Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend at Thunder Lake...

We spent the weekend with Mandy, Kelly and Hunter at their cabin about an hour and a half north west of Edmonton. We had an amazing time! Thunder Lake is a beautiful spot and the weather was perfect. We took Doog along and he especially enjoyed eating goose poo and disappearing off into the bush. We had a barbeque and sat around on the deck and around the firepit listening to Loons and watching the sun set over the lake. It couldn't have been a nicer weekend!

Me and Doog sitting on the deck overlookng the lake.

Neil and Kelly splitting logs for the firepit.

The lake shore just beyond Mandy and Kelly's cabin.

Hunter eating his dinosaur.

Doog watching the baby geese.

The sandy shore.

Doog on a pontoon.

Kelly chilling on the deck as the sun goes down.

Neil doing the same.

Smoking out the mosquitoes down by the fire pit..

Watching the sun set.

Wandering the lake shore.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Beaumont Daze...

As always I have just added some really exciting photos that demonstrate our action-packed and interesting lives! This weekend was the "Beaumont Town and Country Daze" festival . I don't know if it can really be described as a "festival" but we didn't really see enough of it to comment. We did get stuck on Saturday as we tried to leave town to go shopping. The road was closed for a few minutes as the "parade" went by. We saw a man (we assume he was the mayor?) waving very enthusiastically from the back of a pick-up as it slowly drove around the ring road followed by other pick-ups and a few people in costume. People had come out of their homes and set up on the curb side in lawn chairs and everything! Exciting!

Nigel and Sarah ventured out to the fun fair in the eveing but were a little dissapointed. Apparently it looked better from a distance. On the positive side, we were all very impressed with the firework show in Four Seasons Park which we watched from our back deck and Nigel and Sarah watched from their back bedroom window. I even managed to get some cool wobbly photos!


Neil and Doog watch the display from the deck.

We didn't do too much on Sunday other than hang around the house and mow the lawn. Here's a shot of our exciting, new, garden umberella.

And here's a shot of Neil's herbs which seem to have grown like crazy since Neil skillfully planted them a few weeks ago. (Apparently beer is the secret.)

Grassy flip flop's.

The neighbours welly rack.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

See the light.

Here are a few shots from training. I thought I would add, seeing that I don't really put any of these on the blog.

I have been at training now for a while. It has been hard, long and fun all at the same time. I am finally nearing the end, (sort of) 7 more weeks to go.

Shooting at the range

Driving at the runway in the training cars.