About us.....

We are a family of five who currently find ourselves living in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Between us we have lived in many places.....we are wanderers and have made many a nest.

I'm Sophie and I do most of the blogging. I love photography and all things creative and beautiful. I admire craftsmanship and handmade things and am realizing that the secret of a happy life is less. A  jack of all trades and master of none, I knit and sew and bake with little finesse but lots of love. I take many photos. I love food, cups of hot tea on rainy days and pretty much anything that reminds me of the sea.  As the mother of my tribe I teach and learn equally every day and live in amazement that I had a hand in creating three such beautifully different little souls.  You'll rarely catch a glimpse of me on this blog because I'm also the one who takes most of the pictures (which is fine by me because I get all cringey when I see photos of myself.)  Here's one so make the most of it....
*cringe cringe*

Then we've got Neil "the Daddy".  The big man himself. He's a loud, messy, brilliant cook who hates wearing socks and who's  greatest regret in life is deciding to live in a country where Robinsons Orange Squash is just not available. His favorite colour is yellow.

Next up. Seb...Sebilicious, monkey-pants-mcgee. He's 7 going on 40 and quite possibly OCD. He's the sweetest most cuddly boy with the most enthusiastic facial expressions. He thinks, feels and loves  deeply for his few years which worries and intrigues me all at once. 

Then there's Isobel, Miss Pretty, Belly-boo, my sweet precious pickle. She's six now and is an absolute wonder! She was born with a special heart (in both the metaphorical and physical sense) and at the wee little age of 10 months old had to go through the horror of open heart surgery. She's small, delicate, tough and stubborn all at the same time and has these ice blue eyes that take my breath away about a hundred times a day. She lives entirely in the present moment with not a care for the past or a worry for the future and every day I wish I could be a bit more like her. 

Next up is Silas. My smiley, big eyed, red-haired wonder. He's not yet one but has the biggest and most hilarious personality. A mountain man born and bred I can't wait to see his adventures unfold.

So that's us and this blog is a glimpse into our wanderings and our nest. If you stop by please leave a comment, I do like comments, they make me smile :)