Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We haven't done much lately.....

So I thought I'd add some more pics from Kate and Pauls visit.

Wandering Whyte Ave.

Paul, pint and paper, in O'Byrne's.

Neil awaiting meze, Koutouki Taverna. THE best food in Edmonton.
Kate, Hunter-sitting.
Kate and Paul, Whyte Ave.

Me and Kate and pints in O'Byrnes.

Kate and Paul, just before we all said goodbye.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My drive to work!

The alarm clock beeps at 0600 and I drag myself out of bed, outside is in complete darkness.
I make my way slowly accross the room trying to open one eye on route towards the shower as I go past the window and glance out...............


It looks like it has snowed for a year non stop! everything is white, well it has been for some time, but this was different! I couldnt even see the outline of things. Normally you could see the pavement and roundabout behind our house. NOT TODAY!

Sophie is lucky, she has the flu and is in bed, no work for her! I on the other hand had to drive into the city. This is what I saw.


This guy obviously thought he could beat the
weather in his big truck! HAHHA
Couldnt even see the road.
Left my car for one minute to get a car park ticket.
I think I may need my snow shovel after work!
Its funny, i paid for the ticket and went into the office and thought DOH! Its not like the tocket guy can even check them with the snow on the window! What a .......
So if you are reading this in London. dont moan about the roads!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007



Monday, January 08, 2007

The Australians!

We had some extra visitors over new year.

Charlie and Alex.

Alex is a friend we have known for many years and Charlie is Alex's farmer boyfriend we have only just met. This guy has got to be one of funniest guys I know. He is nuts.

What do you get if you cross a Australian farmer with Canadian roads?

Yep you got it..... Total Carnage!

I enjoyed myself! HAHAHHAAHH

So After a vast amount of discussion we decided it would be best for Charlie to drive something more his style..... Soooooooooooooooooo

$650 later Charlie is the proud owner of a old 1973 Ford pick up truck...

With a little rust!

Charlie reckons "She'll be right" to drive to Los Angeles!

MMM, not so sure.

Later that day charlie decided that he may need some money to pimp his ride.

Only one way to get good fast clean cash..........

And yes he did win........ Lucky Bastard.

Kate was our waitress for the evening!

Because good old Charlie won at poker he could afford to pimp that pile of crap he bought......

Then after a really great fun time Kate and Paul had to go home to England and Charlie and Alex where going to drive 4500Kms to Los Angeles! Good luck.


Myself, Sophie, Kate, Paul and Doogy went to Banff for a couple of days for New Years.

The day started with myself and Sophie going snowboarding at Lake Louise, The snow was great and the sun was shinning.
A perfect end to 2006!

We had Prime rib for new years eve Lunch in the ski lodge at Lake Louise

I then decided for desert that I would lick the ice castle.......oooouch.


We had the perfect setting. Myself, Sophie, Kate, Paul and Doogy managed to rent a nice little cabin in Banff. The cabin was set in the trees a hundred meters away from the hotel. There was a hot tub nestled between the mountains ovelooking the town where the fireworks were due to be launched at midnight.

Doog gazing out the window at the snowy woods.

After a days skiing there is nothing better than a crackling fire and a comfy sofa.

Sophie prefers the bed!

Experiment just before dinner.......

Ever put Mentos in Diet Coke?

This is what happens.......

The plan was to have a nice dinner then hit the hot tub to watch the fire works.



Kate, that scarf wont keep you warm!

Sophie drunk already

Neil drunk already

Dinner was Great! I had oysters and champayne for starters. Then da da daaaaaaaaa

the best Venison ever...... mm m m m m mmmmmmmmm

After that we went back to our cabin where Paul and I Changed into our swimming shorts! felt weird changing into a pair of shorts when outside was thick with snow and about minus god knows.

Sophie and Kate where in there Bikinis with a towel wrapped around them and snow boots on!

Brrrrrrrrr !

Kate and Sophie cooling down onthe edge of the hot tub eating chips and drinking beer, classy!