Monday, May 28, 2012

The girl likes her ink.....

Note to self - age 3 is still not old enough to be left to colour unsupervised

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fear not...we are alive!

Hello oh faithful readers (yes that's you my dear sister and Becky if you're still checking!) We are alive and I do still have fingers that allow me to take photos and to type blog posts I just haven't had a mindset that allows me to do so. I've been feeling glum. Here's the short version of events that has led me to where I am now........We had to leave Tofino and our lovely island *sniffle* sniffle* sob* sob* we are back in the flatlands of Canada hopefully just for a little while. We have a house to sell and loose ends to tie up and we couldn't avoid it all any longer. I won't even go into the details of the move, lets just say I blubbered and cried like a baby for quite a few days mostly just because everything is uncertain and I really don't know quite how it will all work out at this point. If I could have my way we would still be living our happily ever after in Tofino but you can't always have things your own way now can you. I'm trying to shrug off my glumness and look on the brightside...we have a backyard that I can let my kids play out in without ANY danger of cougars (unless of course you count that lady in the house behind us). The house is already listed for sale and we had an open house yesterday so hopefully we won't be here long. In the meantime Tracy and Cindy and all the new crew are doing a super duper job with Breakers and we even get to have skype meetings now, how very businesslike eh!
In other news, I have just discovered Instagram. I know I'm about two years behind the rest of the world but remember I haven't even had a cell phone let alone an iphone and apps and all that stuff for the last year. I just inherited Neil's iphone and OHMYGOSH it's clever! I joined Instagram today and just installed a gadget on the blog (see it up the top there?) so that you can all see my instagram photos. I promise it won't stop me taking real photos but how cool is it that now you can see EVEN MORE random photos of our lives. I know you love it! ;)