Wednesday, June 04, 2014



On Sunday we went along to the 1st annual Springfest celebration, a lovely family event put on by the Alpenglow Community School but open to all. It just so happens that the previous day we'd had confirmation that Seb does have a place at the school for this coming Autumn so it was extra exciting for us to to be able to attend the event and tell Seb that this will definitely be his new school for next year!
There was a bouncy castle, face painting, bubble-wand making, flower crown making, a wind chime crafting stand, a guided forest walk, snacks and lemonade, felting craft stand, more Maypole dancing and lots of sunshine and smiling faces. the longer I live here the more I love events like this in Canmore, each time we bump into more and more friends and familiar faces, especially the kids. 
I wore Silas in my baby carrier and took along my real camera as a sort of multi-tasking experiment. It was a bit more of a challenge trying to get good photos whilst manoeuvring with a big bump of baby snuggled on my chest and I'm sure my photos reflect that but hey, at least I got some! :)

The wind chime craft was my favourite. I do love all things made of bits of old knobbly wood and I'm so happy with how our joint creation turned out. We've strung it up by our back door and I think it looks lovely :)

Of course Seb asked to be painted as spiderman, how very un-waldorf of him :)

Isobel looking like a spring fairy :)

Oh look! Another cute spring fairy :)

Spring walks and Maypole dancing....

Things are finally greening up here in these mountains! We seem to wait for spring to arrive for such a long time but once it's really here it's pretty bloomin' glorious!  At Bel's school the kiddies celebrated with some maypole dancing and it was one of the cutest and most hilarious things I've seen for ages! Coordinating a largeish bunch of 4 and 5 year olds when there are ribbons and dancing involved is no easy feat. Miss Sabina, serenely patient as always, showed how it's done and amazingly encouraged them all in the same direction at the same time! They pulled it off beautifully and without turning into one huge, colourful tangle :)

 Silas and I joined the group on one of their nature walks down to Spring Creek, of course he slept through the whole thing and was completely oblivious to the little fan club gathering around his stroller at every stop :)

Mmmmm...freshly cleaned baby!

There's not much in life as good as a freshly bathed baby. In my book it's up there with bicycle rides on the beach at sunset and dark chocolate digestives dunked in tea, mmmmm nomnom nom! 

After quite a few noisy and rather frantic baths with Silas screaming as if his life depended on it he's recently figured out that bathing can actually be something to enjoy. This new discovery means he now sits there all chilled out (but still with his trademark big wide eyes) just enjoying the lapping warmth of the water and a soft washcloth. 
Of course now he wails when I take him out the water :) but usually not for too long, then we get to enjoy extra snuggles with him all pink and lovely.

P.S please ignore the dirty dishes in the other side of the sink, bathing next to dirty dishes is certainly not the grossest thing about my house right now. I promise his side was clean :)