Friday, June 05, 2009

A mucky pup and a sneeky pup....

In the garden....

Nosy neighbor!

Up to no good again!


Look at my lovely blossoms! They smell sooo good, only trouble is they're attracting tons of bees, Paul wouldn't like it one bit!

Check out the mohawk!

Isobel's hair is growing taller and taller every day and so far shows no signs of ever falling flat against her head. Neil thinks we should cut it off but I think it's a special feature that gives her a very unique style all her own. What do you think?

While I was taking these photos of Isobel Seb suddenly decided to come over and plant a big kiss on her face, I wasn't quick enough to catch it from a good angle but you get the idea. Once he'd kissed her he decided she wasn't allowed to sit in his Bumbo seat anymore and he started protesting loudly and pointing at her...see below....

Smiley Girl!