Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are you ready for lots of thumbs?

No sooner than Nana had "left the building" it felt like I was excitedly heading back up the windy little gravel road to Long Beach Airport once again. This time I was there to great Dan and MJ, aka Uncy Dan and Auntie Monkey. Woohoo Yiped-de-dee (picture me singing) "I'm so excited!"! After two weeks of glorious sunshine, they arrived along with the clouds which annoying stuck around for most of their trip, humpf. None the less we had a seriously action packed fun time and all soaked up the best that this little damp version of paradise has to offer! We surfed and kayaked and cycled and camped and fished ( I'm using the term "we" quite loosely here) and ate and drank and ate some more. I'm pretty sure that they enjoyed every minute except for maybe the nightly ritual of removing a days worth of crumbs and sand from their bed, (mattress on the floor + a two and three year old = partaaay!!) Anyway here are some highlights (for those of you that are on facebook I must apologize for my and Neil's repetitiveness, you must of seen these blasted photos a hundred times already. Sorry.)

I must butt in here to talk a little about Miss Bel's affection for Auntie Monkey. She LOVES her. Isobel is a very gregarious and afectionate little girl. She'll sometimes pretend to be shy for about five minutes or so but pretty much always ends up rather too freely dishing out kisses and cuddles, for example she more than once hugged and kissed people that came to view our old house when we were selling. But with Auntie Monkey it was a real errrrr..... what's the word? bond. From pretty much the moment MJ walked in Bel was by her side. Mj obviously had the magic touch and Bel would spend hours playing imaginary games taking Auntie Monkey to the shops and to the beach and making her endless imaginary cofffees. And in typical sweet MJ style she never once let on that she might be done with the games or perhaps not want to have to hold another imaginary lady, Isobel lapped up the attention and I think now Auntie Monkey will always hold a special place in her little heart :) Awww.

BAHAHAHA! Check me out in my kayaking get up!

I love this pic of the boys and their superb catch. It was quite a special day, Dan (who we all know has been into fish since he was practically just out of nappies) got his first ever Halibut and it was Neil's first real day of fishing and as it turns out....he really likes fishing! Result!

The night of the fishing trip we ate our Halibut with big smiles on our faces. I've never enjoyed eating a fish so much as that knowing that it was caught that very day by my husband and my brother, about as close to our home as you could get. Of course it helped that it tasted soooo good too.

We really did have fun. We really will miss them.

And so it was with an empty feeling in my heart but a freezer full of fish that I waved bye bye to Dan and MJ and headed back down the windy gravel road from long beach airport back to our little blue house by the sea. And then the sun came out.....