Saturday, May 30, 2015

Paddle To The Sea....

Seb's class have been reading the book "Paddle to The Sea" over the last few weeks. It's about the adventures of a little carved wooden canoe called Paddle who journeys along a river from central Canada making his way towards the sea.  To accompany the story and help bring it to life in their imaginations each child carved their own little cottonwood canoe. Last week to celebrate finishing their reading of the story the class decided to have a celebration during which they would each launch their canoes into the Bow River and let them head off on their own adventures and perhaps even make it all the way to sea! The class made colourful felted flags for the parade to the river's edge where Isobel and I and a few other parents joined them for the ceremony. Seb's teacher read an excerpt from the book and Seb and a few others played their recorders while we sang a special song the class had written for the grand occasion. Then one by one, each child launched their boat out into the river and we waved each one off on it's journey. Oh and each canoe had been given a name (Seb named his Sandy) which was written on the bottom of the boat along with the words "please put me back in the water", just to help them along their way. It was all so sweet! Now Seb and I keep talking about where we think Sandy might be now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A rare photo indead....

Me and all my children!

Silas is one!

I'm a bit late posting this but such is the way of my life at the moment. On April 18th our little Silas turned one! This year has flown by like some kind of messy whirlwind. Silas has thrown all our lives into chaos and yet made them seem so much more fulfilled at the same time. He's a character this one! Our fiery little redhead, if he's not smiling he's crying, loudly! It's one extreme or the other with very little middle ground. He's demanding and time consuming more so than either one of my other babies but also completely and utterly charming. He has me wrapped around his cute and chubby little fingers and he know it! I love him more than it is possible to express in words and am so grateful that he has given me this wonderful year of baby magic that I wasn't quite expecting. Now as we head into the wobbly world of toddlerhood with yet more challenges and undoubtedly a whole lot more chaos up ahead I constantly remind myself that every tiny move I make, every word, every action has the power to change the atmosphere of our days, the feelings in my children's hearts and therefore their lives.  Seven and a half years in and everyday I learn so much more. This motherhood thing is wild ride!