Friday, February 26, 2010

My funny family....

So for the last few days it has been my goal to take some pictures of some of the stuff that really makes me smile. I mentioned in my previous post about trying to get pics of Seb and Bel playing together, I've also been trying to capture some of Seb's quirky habits, like always insisting on having a couple of random toys on his high chair tray or in the bath or in bed. I've taken pictures of Bel's funny little chubby feet swinging around while she eats her dinner. Then there's Seb with no trousers or Seb taking his top of at breakfast...that kind of stuff.

Bwah ha ha! Neil and his silly little teeth made me cry with laughter, I think just because he managed to keep such a straight face.

Miss Pretty just makes me smile because she is so pretty!

No trousers. "Where are your trousers? I ask, "Titchin" he usually replies. And sure enough I will find them on the kitchen floor.

This has become a bit of a frequent occurance.....Seb gets behind these cupboard doors and says "Big!" then shakes his head. He's trying to tell me he's too big to fit into the cupboard but why he needs to demonstrate this so often I don't know!


Love these chubby feet! When she was in the hospital the nurses kept worrying about her feet swelling, I had to keep telling everyone that's just the way they always look.

Fun with Bel and Basti.....

It's been a little project of mine to try to get some pictures of the kids playing together. They're so funny these days, Seb is always showing Bel stuff and trying to get her to do things just the way he wants them done. He gets quite upset if she touches the wrong toy or loses interest in his game but he definately enjoys her company. Bel goes along with things pretty well most of the time unless she gets bumped on the head which does seen to happen quite often in Seb's games. Today I had loads of fun playing in Seb's room. He set all his little coloured chairs up in a row and made Bel and I get in the two back seats. He sat in the front seat and used a little round stool as his stearing wheel to drive us all in his car! He didn't let us get out for quite some time, and at one point he told me the car was stuck in the snow! I've no idea where he could've learnt that !)

Shark attack!!!

She's ok, she's still smiling!

All smiles! Until Seb decides to dump a huge pile of books onto her head! Owie!!

Hey that's my balloon!

Both Bel and Sebastian are obsessed with balloons. There are always at least two or three floating around our house. I've kind of got used to it now but I'm sure visitors wonder whose party it was.

I just happened to be taking a picture of Bel crawling on my lap when Seb gave her a little swat to the forehead. Poor Bel!