Monday, September 21, 2009

Some cuties.....

Isobel has started really trying to crawl and it's so cute!! She sticks her bum in the air and tries so hard to shuffle along the floor. I've been trying to temp her along even more by putting her favorite toys just in front of her. She's very determind and I'm sure it won't be long before she's zipping across the floor!

I know he's too old for a dummy, we haven't mananged to break that habit yet but I just thought he looked adorable in this photo with his choo choo and his friend B the bear.

" At!"
Everything that can be balanced on his head is a hat apparently, although Seb says it so nicely in a french accent.

Seb has developed a bit of a shoe fetish. He'll find shoes....mine, Neil's, random guests, and secretly put them on. We'll hear him shuffling along trying to walk in shoes 10 sizes too big. I've yet to have my camera handy when he wears my patent red stilletos, that's the most hilarious sight!
In this pic he's wearing one flip flop and one croc on the wrong foot. He insisted on walking around like this for about an hour.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby Bel's Butterfly Bedroom....

It's taken nearly 7 months but little Isobel finally has a room befitting a sweet little baby girl. She's been sleeping in her room for about 3 months, with the exception of a couple of weeks here and there where she kindly lent it to her Aunties and Uncles but it hasn't been very pretty....until now!

Seb is officially sleeping in his big boy bed (woo hoo)which means Isobel now has a proper crib and not just a play pen to sleep in. With a few toys and her beautiful new Butterfly mobile and wall decorations....hey presto...a pretty room for a pretty girl!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Banff with the Parham's....

Sorry for the lack of blog updates recently, we've been so busy with our visitors that it's been impossible to squeeze in any time to blog. Now everybody's returned home and I'm left feeling a little flat and a little sad. It was so lovely to have my brother and MJ and before that Dale and Johanna stay with us and get to know the kiddies properly. Seb loved his Aunties and Uncles being here and still keeps asking for "Day"( Uncle Dan) and "Mun eee" (Auntie Monkey). Although most of our time was spent at home in the midst of all the usual kiddy chaos we did get a few days away in beautiful Banff and Dan even managed to fit in a little fishin!

I really like this shot of Seb and Neil in semi-sillouette. The sun was just dropping behind the mountains and we sat out on the balcony admiring the stunning view. I think this picture catches the mood pretty well.

Dan and MJ both fell head over heals for Isobel's quiet charms! She is such a little sweetie!

Mmmmm! Priiiime Riiiib!

Neil and his Calendar pose......

Not one to be outdone, I think my Calendar pose beats Neil's hands down.

I love the mountains I do!
Seriously, from the first glimpse of those distant peaks on the horizon I start to get excited, I just find it a magical place to be and I'm determined that one day I'll have a mountain view from my window!

Since becoming parents our lives are pretty different, going away with the kiddies brings a whole new level of shall I put it ...challenges. Sleeping in strange beds, erratic nap times and Mummy forgetting to pack any choo choo's to name but a few. Seb is most certainly in that wonderous period of childhood development know as the terrible two's and things can turn bad very quickly. One minute he'll be all sweetness and cheeky smiles and the next he's throwing spaggetti at the waitress, thrashing and kicking violently and wailing "MUMMY, MUMMY, MUMMY,DONE, DONE, DONE" with tears streaming down his bright red face and his hands in the air. We try to deal with these moments as calmly and patienly as we can, sometimes it blows over and we still get to enjoy ourselves, sometimes we end up eating expensive spaggetti out of card board boxes in the car while the waitress tries to clean the tomato sauce off the floor of the charming bistro. This trip was pretty high on the tantrum richter scale and there were times when Neil and I were either on the verge of tears or tantrums ourselves. It's funny though that somehow it doesn't take much for everything to be all right again. Waking up with one cute little smiley face on either side of the bed and scooping both up for a group snuggle in the morning makes it all so worth it!

Love this one! Awww!

It was so lovely to spend time with you Dan and MJ. We miss you lots already!