Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another crazy day....

This is Seb's masterpiece he created this morning, I call it "Brain Fuzz" and it is a perfect artistic interpretation of how my head feels most nights at about 8pm. Today was not a particularly stressful day, but a good example of how one (being me) can become accustomed to near constant chaos to the point were it no longer feels like chaos. During the course of today I experienced various emotions including sheer anger, utter panic, overwhelming love and serene peace. It seems that this sequence of emotions is on a kind of shuffle playlist on repeat (with a slight bias to utter panic) and playing throughout every day of my life with these two small children. Today my sofa's were graffitied on with cheap (i.e non-washable) crayon, myself, my other sofa and my rug were showered with vomit after a particularly scary bump to Bel's head, and I found a large puddle of wee wee on the second shelf up in Sebastian's closet. I asked Seb if indeed he 'd drawn on the sofa, pushed Isobel over the stair baby gate and peed in his closet (while standing on a chair?) and the answer was yes, to all of the above. Not that Isobel's an angel, she's been in and out of the kitchen cupboards today, distributing their contents around the house and down floor vents, she had her hands in the toilet at one point and I couldn't help but feel as though she was all to familiar with that little game. She's also enjoying testing out her upper vocal register by randomly screaming and screeching until even Seb can't handle the ear pain anymore. I vacuumed twice, trod on one squished grape, one squished pear and a few bits of banana and that was all before lunch!
It really is impossible to explain how difficult it is to be a parent 24 hours a day seven days a week. More so for us without the much needed and dearly missed support of our families but, as hard as it is, I've never been more amazed by or in awe of two people as I am my kids. Everyday I marvel at their sheer joy over the simplest things and it's in those moments, even with squished fruit under my feet, graffiti on my sofa and screeching in my ears that serene peace and overwhelming love wafts over me.

One man and his dog....

I haven't taken many pictures of Sully lately so I'm sure you'll all be shocked at his MASSIVENESS! Not to mention his scruffy curley-wurleyness. He's such a cutie pie and an all round good boy. He's the most loving and friendly doggy I think I've ever known, there is nothing Sully wants more in the whole wide world than a big cuddle and I think it's so sweet.
He's also become a champion swimmer and fetcher (hmmm, I think retriever would be the correct term) both of which were totally foreign concepts to good old Doogs. His only fault is his smellyness and that's only down to his constant insistence on swimming in any old stagnant lake, pond or puddle he can find.

Loving his cuddles! And Sully quite liked it too.

Don't know if you can see in this picture but Sully has the loveliest eyelashes ever! They're all long and floaty just like Snuffleupagus!

And here's my gorgeous husband who didn't want his picture taken ;) I love this picture, he looks so handsome I just want to stare into his beautiful eyes.
love you Nal X

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My happy pic.....

I really like this photo of me and Belly, it's out of focus, Bellys got no mouth and I've only got one eye but there's something I love about it and seeing as I so rarely feature in our blog photos I thought it should be posted. Hope you like it too.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yes, we have changed.....

Sorry about Neil's gloomy last post, I think he must've woken up on the wrong side of the bed or something but further to his question I think the answer is yes. We're into our fifth year here and I'm noticing that Alberta has changed us into hill-billies. We drive a massive truck, pull a 30 foot trailer, eat too many weiners and all have "farmer" tan's. Neil can remove the flesh from a hot wing in one swift and well practised movement using only his forefinger and thumb and has even taken up snacking on "Spitz", believe me, that can only be a bad thing. Get me the hell out of here and over to Tofino so we can even things out by becoming granola munching, whole food Cafe proprietors who surf at lunchtime and meditate in the rainforest before dinner.

In the meantime here are a few pics from our little trip to Montana and back to pick up the new hill-billy palace.....

Apparently these things are more complex than we had anticipated. Luckily there was a whole campsite full of very friendly and experienced RV'ers who were more than willing to show us how to dump our poop. I hope Bel and Sebastian were listening, I was too busy taking pictures.

Mmmmm.... breakfast :)