Thursday, November 29, 2007

What a cutie-pie!

Where's the snow shovel?

Winter is definately here. At the beginning of the week it snowed for a few days solid and now everything is well and truly covered with a blanket of white stuff for the forseeable future. It's been down to a chilly -26 degrees and it suddenly feels like winter. With a stroke of luck Neil managed to get the Christmas lights up on the outside of the house the day before the snow came so he won't have to clamber about on the roof in the snow and ice like last year.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Seb at 4 weeks.....

Little Mr Ralston is growing fast, at 4 weeks old he is definatley becoming a bit more aware of his surroundings. He spends a little more time each day with his eyes open and seems fascinated with the strangest things. He's not too bothered about looking at Mummy or Daddy but has spent several minutes most days contemplating the spots on his crib bumper. He's also slowly learning that bath time isn't quite as bad as he originally thought. He still isn't too happy when he's naked and makes a fuss but he's getting used to it. Yesterday evening we all took a stroll to get a DVD, it was Seb's first little taste of a winter evening in Northern Alberta, I think it was about -8 with wind chill. Neil and I were pretty cold despite wearing hats and winter coats but Seb was toasty all tucked up in his fluffy snow suit and snuggled in his stroller.
Here are a few shots of Sebastian having a bath. You can see from the facial expression just how much he likes it.........

"Oooh yeah....I love bath time!"

"OK Daddy I've had enough, get me out of here please, and tell Mummy to stop taking pictures of me naked, they could end up on the internet or something."


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

17 days old already.....

I wanted to try to write something about Seb and what it's like being his Mummy. I'm sitting at the computer with him strapped into a carrier on my tummy. He's been asleep for the last half an hour and I've managed to make myself a cup of tea, have a bowl of cereal and tidy up the kitchen. I know that doesn't sound like much but I feel like I've really accomplished something this morning! I think he feels like he's back in my tummy with all the jiggling around. I was beginning to think this tactic might allow me to reply to all the emails we've received over the last couple of weeks and give me a chance to write something on the blog. As soon as I started to type he started to stir so I don't think I have long. For anyone reading this that has emailed me and hasn't had a reply...I'm so sorry! I have been wanting to write to you all but just haven't had a chance. Seriously, having made my own breakfast makes me want to pat myself on the back at the moment! Thank you all for your cards and presents and good wishes. Sharlene, I know you'll read this...I hope you had a lovely birthday, I'm pretty impressed that Seb decided to share it with you. I'll never have an excuse to miss yours now will I!
The last 17 days have been a blur of extreme emotions, I've been so happy and am overjoyed to have this amazing little man become a part of our lives. I've also been a crying jibbering wreck and did begin to wonder if I was losing my mind. Being a Mummy is so much more challenging than I ever could have imagined and I now realize that I was totally unprepared for the anxiety and worry that comes hand in hand with the pride and joy. I'm so grateful to my Mummy for being here to help Neil and I through these first couple of weeks, I don't know how we would have managed without her. Mummy, thank you so much for all the cups of tea and the reassurance you have given me whenever I felt like things were getting on top of me. You are the best Mummy and an amazing Grandma. We all miss you very much.

I like this photo because my Mum and Doog have the exact same expression and Seb looks like he's doing some kind of Gangsta "westside" thing with his hands.

Seb and his Nanny

This is Seb as I write this sleeping in his sling hanging from my front.