Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Jasper....

Here's the rest of our Jasper pics. It was a pretty treacherous journey with slick roads. We set off on time (for once) and made it to Japser before noon. I'm sure you see more wildlife in Jasper than we ever see in Banff, there always seems to be big horn sheep and elk all over the place.

Here's Neil getting a good look at some sheep bottoms.

A big horny one leap's towards the road!

These one seemed to be grazing in the road. Most odd.

Mountains out of the window on the road to Jasper.

Seb and Nana settle into the hotel room. I'm not sure why Seb had to explore the floor quite so thoroughly.

Tickles from Nana.

I love this one! If you look closely you can see the long string of drool hanging from Seb's mouth about to land on Neil, possibly even in his mouth!!

My Mum caressing a strange bear in the street.

Taking a stroll.

We had a delicious lunch at Villa Caruso. Seb was pretty good apart from his usual habit of showering the surrounding area in food. Luckily we were out of slinging distance of any of the other diners.

Why is it that someone always has to pull a stupid face?


Seb eating a slice of lime. Yummy!

I'm so happy I had my Mum here for Christmas and that we got to take her to Jasper. The week has flown by and I can't believe it's already nearly time for her to leave.
Love you Mummy!

Me looking huge! If I look like I'm grimacing slightly it's because I was standing in the middle of the icy road and could see cars approaching. My Mum insisted I stand just there because the sun was shining on my face. I was trying to smile as well as warn her of the oncoming traffic while she fiddled around with my camera trying to take the snap.

Seb and I and a bear at the Jasper Park Lodge.

Seb was a little worried about his Nana standing so close to the bears.

The beautiful Christmas tree at the JPL.

While they were chillin in the JPL I was getting cut up by Nigel on the slopes!


We've just returned from a hectic day and a half in beautiful Jasper. It was actually pretty warm and we even had some clear blue skies. Here's a selection of my better pictures from the trip. I'll post the rest of the snaps later on.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Milk and cookies left out for Santa along with a note explaining that there's an extra stocking on the mantle....my Mummy arrived on Christmas eve! Oh and carrots for the reindeers.

Christmas morning was a little hectic, we were all pretty sleepy. Neil had been on nights and my mum was still adjusting to the time difference and I just hadn't been able to sleep from the excitement of my surprise visitor.

Seb meets Elmo...

Elmo introduces himself.....

Seb gets a little freeked out by the talking red monster....

My Mummy who sadly didn't have much to open on Christmas morning.

Christmas mess!

We had a lovely Christmas lunch over at the Headleys. Seb ate continuously for about 2 hours and especially enjoyed his first ever taste of Brussel sprout. Neil was pleased about this and proceeded to to feed him all the sprouts from his plate.

Sarah and her mummy and daddy.

Our flamming plumb duff! Courtesy of Dan and MJ, I think it was the best Christmas Pud I'd ever eaten!

Mummy and me.

Seb gradually getting to like Elmo.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Ooo! It's nearly Christmas!!

Only a couple of days to go! We've done our last minute shopping and are all ready for Santa to squeeze down the chimney or through the external air vent in our case. The pile of presents under our tree is growing daily as we recieve parcel after parcel from Kate and Paul! There are presents for all of us even bump! I'm actually quite excited!

Seb and Dada caught playing X box. I can't believe Neil's already getting his 1 year old son into this! I must put my foot down!

SOOO many presents!!!

Ootside lots of lovely snow. It's just a shame it's too bloody cold to go and play in it!