Saturday, March 31, 2007


The snow is melting! There are huge puddles everywhere and the grass is brown and mucky. The off-leash park is a lake and Doog has to be thoroughly washed before he's allowed back in the house. But at least we've had some sunshine and the temperature is usually above 0 in the daytime. It even reached a whopping 10 degrees a couple of times!

Here's Doog enjoying the warmth and sunshine on the deck. He's pretty happy winter is finally over.

This is a close up of the moldy carrot and tomatoes I found the other day on the front lawn. They are all that remains of the snowman we made with Kate when it first snowed back in October. (Yep, the last time I saw the lawn was in October!)

And here is the last bit of our once giant snow piles.

I really hope it doesn't take too long for the grass to recover. It doesn't look too healthy at the moment. In fact nobody is too healthy at the moment. I've had a cold and Neil is just recovering from a bout of bronchitis/pneumonia! I won't go into detail but we both feel pretty crappy.

In other news, and I'm sure everyone will find this highly exciting......we now have cabinets and counter tops in our laundry room as you can see in the beautiful photograph below. I bet you're happy you decided to read this riveting blog today!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Look how big he is now!

Funny sunset...

I took these photos about a week or so ago from our back deck. I thought it was kind of odd how the sun was leaving a trail as it set. Just to prove it wasn't me wobbling whilst I took the picture here's another one from a minute or so before.....

I've never seen a sunset like this before and thought you might want to see it too.