Friday, November 29, 2013

Oh Tofino!

We just returned from Tofino and are officially no longer business owners! Yes, Breakers has been sold.  It's huge relief for us. Anyone who knows us will already know how much of a struggle it has been for our family to keep our heads above water for the last couple of years and to be honest we have been teetering on the brink of serious financial disaster ( and possible mental breakdowns!)  for some time. Breakers is in good hands and will finally have the injection of money and passion it needs to make it into something  new and different in a tiny town saturated with amazing food and coffee. We have nothing but warm wishes for the new owner and can't wait to see his plans unfold. I'm not sad about Breakers, despite the fact that it will take us a long time to recover financially,  the experience, both of living in Tofino and of owning a business has given me so much appreciation for all the good stuff around me and totally brought to focus the things that I really, truly need to make the most of life. I know that our connection with this wonderful place is most certainly not over and I can't wait to enjoy it without the stress and worry that has been so much a part of our Tofino experience. 
We were there to wrap things up on the sale of Breakers and it was not without it's moments of worry but we did also try to soak in all that fresh, luscious rainforest air! We stayed at a lovely little house next to the Botanical Gardens and it was my absolute dream home! It even has a chicken coop! And even though the coop was empty, I was woken every morning by the cock-a-doodle-doo's of the rooster next door and the unbelievable colours of the sun rising over the inlet. It was as if I had stepped into my own dreams :) The house was warm and cosy and we spent most of our time just pottering around and warming up close to the stove after little walks exploring the forest and shore line close by.

I loved this bath!!

We bought the kids sparklers and realized the'd never even seen them before. Below is Seb's first ever sparkler experience and I love the second photo that show's his face right after ignition! 

This is Pete Pattison (or at least that's the name on his collar). He visited every single day and would alert us to his presence at the back door by barking and scratching. We'd let him in and he'd sit with Bel for a while or lay by the stove or just quietly stroll around the house before asking to be let back out and disappearing off into the thick salal bushes. Bel absolutely loved him and his visit became the highlight of her day :)

Whilst walking on the almost completely empty North Chesterman beach on a perfect sunny day I came across this little heart with my name on it. I really couldn't believe it having joked for the last year and a half that I left my heart on the beach in Tofino! Of course I'm taking it as "a sign" that I'm just meant to be in that part of the world! 

Oh Tofino. For the most part words don't do you justice. So I'll leave it at that . Until next time :)