Saturday, May 10, 2014

Look who's three weeks old already!

I really LOVE Silas' fuzzy fluff hair!

 He does this big wide scaredy eyes thing a lot. Perhaps it's something to do with all the noise and chaos in our house :)

And my heart melts....

To my Mummy....

Thank you for all the cups of tea and painkillers, the neatly folded laundry, the school runs, the pressies and the nice lunches. Thank you also for excitedly timing contractions with me over broccoli soup and waiting up all night for news. Thank you for making the big kids feel loved and looked after while we were busy and for finding your way to the hospital to meet our little Silas. An extra big thank you for all you did while the kids were sick so that Silas and I could stay out the way. But most of all thank you for your smiles and for being the most lovely Mummy there ever was. 
I have some big shoes to fill.

Happy Mothers Day!