Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well as you have seen from previous posts Sophie has added a few pics to the blog. I on the other hand haven’t been near it in a while, so I decided to add a few pictures.
Nigel, Sean and I decided that we would drive to Sunshine, Banff and ski.
I Packed up the passion wagon at 0330hrs left at 0430 hrs transporting Headley and Kent. HEADLEY went to sleep and Kent sang the entire journey with shorts breaks for a slurp of coffee. Arrived in Banff at about 0830 hrs which included a quick sausage and egg mcmuffin from M'Ds at the great town of Red deer...... scrambled into the lineups and eventually managed to grab our lift tickets. We again joined another lineup and made our way into a old rickety Gondola for a quick ride up the mountain. The wind was up so I think the Gondola could only go about half speed, or maybe it was reaching the weight capacity as I was crammed in with 7 other people........ The Gondola would normally seat 8 with ease apparently. As we were climbing the steep mountain my mind went on overdrive. So this is the story. I looked up and noticed a sign that says maximum weight of 1135lbs. Now I figured most people in the Gondola were hitting a safe 120-150 excluding Nigel who weighs in at a amazing 3 lbs. Anyway, With my weight combined with the weight of the other passengers I figured we would be in the chalet at the bottom of the mountain quicker than I anticipated, my palms started to sweat and I kept a brave face. The question you are all thinking is, did I mention it to anyone......answer NO, I just buckled up my helmet and braced myself.
Nigel and Sean getting off the life, little windy....Nigel nearly blew away.
Nigel did actually fall off that lift.....I missed the photo op though.

We got some poor old guy to snap this one.....I had to catch his gloves and ski poles.

As you can see it got real windy!!!!

Amazing freash snow on the slopes.

The drive home....I upgraded Nigel to captain, sean to first mate.....and me.ZZZZZZZ ZZZZ hahaha

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Look at the size of this.....

The tummy has reached mega proportions now. I had to stand outside so that Neil could fit my whole body in the picture! Not long to go though, I'm 37 weeks now and the Doc has said he may induce me at 38 or 39 weeks because of the diabetes. Apparently as of last Monday I was 1/2 a centimeter dilated so who knows, it may even happen on it's own before then.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seb looking so very sweet and innocent.....

He may look cute but he's been a bit of a rascal lately! I think the picture below gives a little glimpse of his true colours....

Cheeky monkey!

Beautiful skies...

A very pretty sunset captured from our back deck a couple of days ago. Lovely.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fish 'n chips...

I've been feeling a little bit homesick lately, especially since my Mum returned home, so in an attempt to lift my spirits, Neil made a detour on his way home from work the other night and stopped at "The Brit" a proper English fish and chip shop! I was delighted to receive my little newspaper-wrapped parcel and tuck into my fish supper complete with mushy peas and tartar sauce! Mmmmm!

The moon...

I noticed that this evening the moon was unbelievably clear and bright. It looked so huge, as though it was hovering just above the houses on the other side of the street. I stood out on the porch in my slippers trying to get some photos. I definately got a few strange looks from passing people who probably thought I was trying to photograph the people in the house opposite. Even with my zoom lens I couldn't get a photo that did it justice but I did manage to get one semi decent picture that seems to show lots of nice surface detail and craters.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Seb and Nana...

Look at that mouthful of teeth! And Seb's got quite a few too!

This ones for my Mum, a photo of Seb in profile showing off his chubby cheeks!