Friday, October 24, 2014

Six months old.....

Silas just passed the six month mark and almost exactly on his six month birthday began sitting up unaided! He does still lurch off to one side every now and again but somehow manages to control most of his sideward tumbles with sort of a stiff-necked action that seems to stop him bumping his head on the ground....such a clever boy! His hair is more beautifully ginger than ever and he is blooming into such a wonderful, happy little character! He is energetic and really strong (both in physique and will!) He smiles almost all the time and if he is not smiling he's screaming. Loudly. He gets bored easily and is at his most content when he's slap-bang in the middle of some kind of raucous activity with his brother and sister. 
I love him so, so much and even though my home is a mess, my laundry pile enormous, my dog un-walked and my time-keeping non existent, I can safely say that I am a happy wreck! I feel so unbelievable lucky to be his Mama! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rather a lot of photos of our Thanksgiving walk.....

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving for many reasons, firstly because it happens at the most beautiful (and my favourite) time of year, also because it's a celebration without presents and not marred by consumerism. We cook and the house fills with all those wonderful smells and then we spend a long time eating leisurely and chatting, sometimes with friends, sometimes just us. There's none of the franticness or crazy excitement of Christmas, it's slow and easy and really creates a space to be, well, thankful! And boy am I thankful! The last couple of years have been a strain on our family but only in a financial way. I am so lucky and so grateful to have all that I do! I have had quite a few reminders in the last few months that money is not worthy of my worry. There are too many people who have real stress and sadness and do not get to  experience the joy of seeing their kids run healthily and smile with boundless energy through forests and laugh as they dip their toes in cold mountain water. I am lucky, oh so lucky and for that I am thankful!!

This year we shared a lovely dinner with friends on Sunday and then spent Monday relaxing and exploring. Here are rather a lot of photos from our Thanksgiving walk....
Silas and I started the trend of the plaid shirts and before we knew it the rest of the family were dressed just like us too :) If you spot the little mouse that Bel took with her for our walk, and look very'll see that even he is wearing a little red plaid shirt!

P.S Can you believe that this big strong boy is only 6 months old!!