Friday, February 03, 2012

"Talulah smells of fish Mummy"

As promised in my previous post, here's a little video snippet from our trip to Vic. Feeding the seals down at Fisherman's wharf was the best fun!!! Even though it was definitely a wee bit chilly, I could've stayed there all day! 

I love seals I do!

Oh and if you're wondering about the title...notice how Belly wipes her fishy hands on her dolly Talulah after feeding the seals? Well the resulting fishy whiff coming from Talulah sparked a bit of a furore once we were all back in the confines of the truck. Thank goodness for my homemade wet wipes!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Progress is slow....

We've been busy, OH SO BUSY! I have a stash of photos so big it's scary and so many things to blog but so little time. Please accept my apologies and please don't get bored and stop checking the blog. Here's a quick rundown of the important news.....
For a start we recently became Canadian citizens ( we being Neil and I, the kids were already part of that club), Woohoo! Yipee! and all that. There was a ceremony with a full on scottish style pipe band, a mountie in his puffy trousers and the mayor of Nanaimo covered in all his mayorish bling. We had to say the oath of citizenship in English and French and then a sweet old lady gave us free Nanaimo bars.... Yum! Perfect way to start my citizenship :) After our ceremony we headed straight on down to Victoria to get our passports pronto. With surprisingly little queueing but a shockingly large price tag we walked away with shiny new Canadian passports and spent the following two days enjoying the sights of BC's capital city...more of that later.
Other than that the big news is the ongoing reno's at Breakers. The paint is more or less finished just the loo left to do, we have moved on to the  "piece de resistance" our wood stack feature wall. This involved yet another little road trip down to Port Alberni to fill our truck up with this........

...Kiln dried firewood, and lots of it!

This was followed by lots of this (insert insanely loud sawing noise here).......

And quite a bit of this.....(insert screwing noise... oh god no please don't!)

Three day's, four enormous tubes of Mega Glue and I don't know how many nails later and things are looking a little more encouraging....

You'll also notice that we've resorted to drinking on the job......I do not recommend this although it does help make everything a bit more "rustic". Drink responsibly folks!
As of today it's still far from finished but it's staring to look really good and I'm starting to get quite excited!
Here are a few little sneak peaks of how the place is looking mid-makeover.....

So that's how things are progressing.  I'll finish with a close up of some sandwiches......this ones just for you Kate, so that you can see how lovely your logo looks on all our stickers! :)

P.S.....we go to England in 5 days yipeeeeeeeeeee! Can't wait but at the same time I'm pretty terrified that we won't get this job done before we leave. Wish us luck!! Let the screwing continue!