Thursday, November 20, 2014

Banff Christmas Market.....

So whose ready for Christmas? I surely wasn't feeling particularly festive until last weekend but theres nothing like a Christmas Market in a beautiful mountain town complete with a dusting of fresh snow to get a girl into the Yuletide spirit! 
The Banff Christmas market, held at the pretty Warner Stables, is a lovely way to kick off the season of peace and joy. The old barn is filled with lovely handmade gifts and twinkly lights and even a lady singing carols. Outside they set up fire pits with hay bale benches and offer sleigh rides across the snowy meadow. Even the little ponies were looking festive with their tail braids and red bows :) It really was a perfect way to spend a snowy November morning. 

* Nice rack lady!*

Even Santa uses hashtags now. 

It was a chilly day so after the market we headed to our favourite nourishment spot in Banff, the Wild Flour Cafe, for some warm soup and hot chocolate. 

This cutie is 7 months old......

All Hallows' Eve......

I love Halloween! Pumpkins and spiders and cobwebs oh my!

This is the kids leaving the house for the school bus that morning.... Seb looking skeletal and Bel the giraffe. Of course throughout the day they switched costumes about ten times each and I lost count of how many times I had to repaint Bel's face! 

About to head out Trick or Treating with friends......

 Silas, oops I mean Yoda, loved his first Halloween experience. Isn't it funny that Bel wore this costume when she was three and it fits my chunky 7 month old just right! 


I have a 7 year old!?!

 My son is halfway to 14! What the! Wait!......How the heck did this happen! Stop growing immediately!! All of you.