Sunday, December 30, 2007

So this is Christmas....

It began with present opening, Doog was most excited to rip his open....

Sebastian didn't know what to think when he received a present bigger than him....

unwrapping the giant present proved to be hard work and he began to look a bit worn out.....

Then he saw a smiling face and his excitment returned....

Followed by what seems to be shock when daddy opened the box.....

and then a look of slight bemusement as if to say "what on earth am I supposed to do with that?" (And no it's not a potty, it's a Bumbo seat so that little Seb can sit upright.)

The emotional roller coaster of opening his present eventually took it's toll and the poor little guy threw up all over the place!

Once that was all cleared up and Seb was calmed down it was time for breakfast....

Christmas breakfast, yum yum!

The table all set for Christmas dinner.

Nigel and Sarah. Looks like Sarah spotted Doog just before he managed to grab Nigels starter.

Seb opening his present from Nigel and Sarah.

He doesn't look too impressed but that's probably just because he can't use it yet, he needs to get a little bit bigger before he can bounce like Tigger.

After dinner we visited Mandy and Kelly to wish them a Merry Christmas.

Look how big Hunter is these days!

On Boxing day we joined the party at Sarah and Nigel's new house. We had a lovely lunch and enjoyed some delicious Christmas pud sent over all the way from England. Sebastian had a nice time meeting everyone and was a smiley, happy baby all day long.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas time is coming.....

Well, it's nearly Christmas! Neil and I are way more disorganised than usual, we've barely bought any presents and beneath our tree looks very bare indeed. Of course it's all Seb's fault, he refuses to go Christmas shopping and isn't very helpful when it comes to wrapping presents and writing cards. We ventured out to Safeway's the other day to try and at least get the food part of Christmas organised (you can see where our priorities lie) but even after that trip we still don't have a turkey! I took my camera along and did take some pictures in Safeway and out of the car window on the way there, I know, I know, it's really sad to take photos in a supermarket, what has become of us since we became parents? We have been out to for dinner at friends houses a few times in the last week or so but with all Seb's baggage I usually can't carry the camera too so don't have any photos to prove it.

Here's Neil handling a large squash.

Seb getting moody about carrying the very same vegetable.....

and looking much more serene once the squash was removed from his stroller.
A clear and crisp winters day.
The road between Beaumont and Leduc.

As I was taking photo's out of the car window I thought I saw a moose in the trees and made Neil stop and turn the car around to take a closer look. We went down a very long, slippery and snowy path looking for the moose and nearly got stuck in the process. I was quite excited but as we approached I realized it was standing very still and was wearing a red ribbon around it's neck. It was a wooden cut-out. I was so disappointed I didn't even take a picture of it.

Some Christmas baubles in our living room and one of the gingerbread men handmade by my sister hanging on our tree.

Monday, December 17, 2007

I caught a smile!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Deck the halls....

We finally got around to getting our Christmas tree and it's a beauty! The lady that sold it to us said that this particluar kind of tree, a Fraser, is by far the best smelling Christmas tree you can have and she was right it's like our whole house smells of the forest! It reminds me of walking around Emerald Lake.

Sebastian doesn't seem too impressed with the tree but is rather fascinated with all the lights.

Sebastian chilling with Daddy while he watches Top Gear in the den. Looks as though Seb isn't a Jeremy Clarkson fan.

I've been trying to catch a photo of Seb smiling, he's been doing more and more lately but I never have my camera out in time and I always seem to get these serious looking faces. I take one picture and he starts crying and as soon as I put the camera down he'll give me an enormous grin. Well today I almost caught one....

after the usual bit of crying.....

Just a glimse of a smile but definately worth posting on the blog for everyone to see!

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's still very cold.....

This cute little orange hat was sent to us by our lovely wedding photographer, Kirstie Tweed ( She said Sebastian needs a proper toque living in Alberta.

I think Seb is getting used to being bundled up in tons of clothes and blankets before going anywhere, it really is quite a mission to get out of the house in the cold weather. Last night we took a stroll around the corner to Nigel and Sarah's new house, the stroller was pretty good until we hit a few snow drifts and veered slightly off course.

All tucked up in his snow suit and ready to go.
Nice starfish impression.

Seb enjoyed his little trip out, he had a cuddle with Sarah and even got a sloppy kiss on the ear from puppy Jenna.

Isn't Jenna a cutie?

Neil's added a few more Christmas lights to the house and, as you can see, has insisted on bringing out the 8ft inflatable Santa we had on the lawn last year.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What a cutie-pie!

Where's the snow shovel?

Winter is definately here. At the beginning of the week it snowed for a few days solid and now everything is well and truly covered with a blanket of white stuff for the forseeable future. It's been down to a chilly -26 degrees and it suddenly feels like winter. With a stroke of luck Neil managed to get the Christmas lights up on the outside of the house the day before the snow came so he won't have to clamber about on the roof in the snow and ice like last year.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Seb at 4 weeks.....

Little Mr Ralston is growing fast, at 4 weeks old he is definatley becoming a bit more aware of his surroundings. He spends a little more time each day with his eyes open and seems fascinated with the strangest things. He's not too bothered about looking at Mummy or Daddy but has spent several minutes most days contemplating the spots on his crib bumper. He's also slowly learning that bath time isn't quite as bad as he originally thought. He still isn't too happy when he's naked and makes a fuss but he's getting used to it. Yesterday evening we all took a stroll to get a DVD, it was Seb's first little taste of a winter evening in Northern Alberta, I think it was about -8 with wind chill. Neil and I were pretty cold despite wearing hats and winter coats but Seb was toasty all tucked up in his fluffy snow suit and snuggled in his stroller.
Here are a few shots of Sebastian having a bath. You can see from the facial expression just how much he likes it.........

"Oooh yeah....I love bath time!"

"OK Daddy I've had enough, get me out of here please, and tell Mummy to stop taking pictures of me naked, they could end up on the internet or something."