Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We miss you Daddy....

Neil is back in Edmonton, it's been three days and it feels like forever already! Only another 10 to go....eugh! We're all missing him and so wish he was here with us exploring this beautiful soggy, mossy, wonderland we now call home. We're still settling in and at the same time getting ready to move out...yep, I know it's confussing me too! Today this lovely house we're living in is officially sold and we're still not sure where we're going next. I'm trying not to stress about it and attempting to get into the full Tofino frame of mind. What will be, will be and all that but I'm really hoping that what will be.... will be really nice! :) In the mean time here are some snaps for Neil to help him see what we've been up to since he's been gone.....

Off to Whale Fest parade! Woo hoo! We're singing in the rain!

At least someone was impressed! Belly....mmm not really.

Brrrrrrrrreakers! Look how busy Nal!!!

Bum's on seats! All eight of them :)

Ahhh the beautiful beach! And this isn't even the most beautiful one, it's just the nearest one for me to walk to ( I don't usually do walking ;)

Sully is in Dog paradise here! He's told me that he never wants to live anywhere else. (and nor do I!)

Movie time! All snuggly buggly with our blankies.

A stick. A rather nice, drift woody one I found in the mud across the road and now it's living on my dining room table.

An apple and a stick (can you tell I was getting bored?)

Beautiful Bel! My precious pickle.

I really never believed I could get so much use out of a pair of wellies....note to future visitors.....BRING WELLIES!!!

Oh Sebbie.... I had to fight tooth and nail to get his photo. In his three year old wisdom he has realized that I take a lot of photos and he has decided he doesn't like it!


Oh, Neil.....I didn't include any shots of the entire tin of poppy seeds that Bel emptied onto the pantry floor, or the poo that she decided to do in the dining room in a fit of unexpected nakedness (sorry landlords!) or the banana that mysteriously got smeared over the sofa or any of the other not so photogenic or "perfect family" happy moments that happened over the last day or two, I didn;t want to put you off coming back to us!! We miss you lots...come home soon!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011