Saturday, October 31, 2015

Golden September days....

October has been and gone and it wasn't so bad but it's cold and dark now and the trees are bare. These photos remind me of those fleeting golden days of September. Those days when it's warm enough to play barefoot at the park and feel the fallen leaves crunch under your toes.

Let's rewind.....

It's been too long since my last post! How is it almost November and I'm just posting my first day of school photos?! I took these on August 31st!  Note to self....BLOG!
Anyway I've got some catching up to do so here they are, my two big kids on the first day of school. Seb is now Grade 3 and Isobel is a fully fledged, all-day-at-school Grade 1 student!
They're posing with their plants which will be living (hopefully) in the kids respective classrooms at school until next summer break. I love this tradition at our school and hope to one day manage to keep our plants alive long enough that we can bring them back the following year :)