Sunday, May 24, 2009

The sun has got his hat on.....and so has Seb

Finally, we've had some nice sunny warm weather and we've been able to enjoy the park, the swings and walks with Seb's new wagon. Here's a few snaps of Seb on the slide having a whale of a time the other day.

It was so warm in the house last night that both kids were stripped down to nappies in an effort to keep cool. Can't wait fo the AC in the new house! Here's Isobel with ner new Bun Bun from Grandpa and Mars.


So the house is sold! Yey! All quite exciting but a little sad at the same time, we do love our pretty red house and it's full of many good memories.

Here's the new place just around the corner. It's bigger and better and hopefully a good investment. We can't wait to get in and get started on all the work! We've got a deck to build, grass to lay and fences to erect so we've certainly got enough to keep us busy for a while. Luckily we've got a few visitors lined up this summer so we can hand them each a shovel and get them all to work!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Wagon.....

Check out the new set of wheels! Seb loves his new wagon and is happy to be trundled along for miles! It's great when we go for walks because he doesn't feel like he's being confined like he does in the stroller and we can take a whole stash of toys along for the ride. It even has cup holders!!

Sofa snuggles...

Managed to snap these cute pics of the kiddies with Daddy when they were all snuggled up on the sofa a few days ago. Neil was exhausted after his night shifts and was having a snooze when Seb decided he wanted to climb up and join him. I plonked Isobel down between them and they all looked so cute I had to take photos!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

So focused!

Isobel likes to stare. She stares at people, at things that are dangled in front of her, at her own hands and many other things. She's become quite intense lately when it comes to staring at her hands and was fascinated by her new rattle toy bought specifically to satisfy her urge to stare at things.

An open house, a trip to the zoo and a big fall....

Little did we know that it's not only Humpy Dumpty who had a great fall.....

Today was a funny old day. We had an open house and had to vacate the premises so that a load of strangers could wander around our home to see if they wanted to buy it. Neil had been on nights and spent the morning sleeping in the basement in an effort to keep out my way as I went on a cleaning frenzy before anyone arrived. Seb spent the latter part of the morning in the van watching Finding Nemo, this was my bright idea to keep him quiet and out the way whilst I cleaned. It turned out to be not such a bright idea when I realized that the DVD player had run down the battery in the van with just minutes to go before the open house was supposed to begin, ooops! I had to wake Neil up earlier than planned and get him to jump start the van which was already loaded with both kid's and a day's worth of kid parephenalia. Anyway, we eventually left the house and headed aimlessly into Edmonton. We ate Mcdonalds overlooking the pond in Millwoods and discussed where we should spend the next few hours and evetually decided on the Valley Zoo. We've never been before because everyone I've spoken to about it says it's a bit crap. So with low expectations we were on our way.
The zoo was actually slightly better than I expected and we were quite enjoying ourselves until Seb had a nasty fall off a static choo choo train landing straight onto the concrete on his head! Neil and I both panicked and we seriously thought it was going to be a hospital job but thankfully after a couple of scary minutes we realized he was ok, just a little shocked and probably minus one or two more brain cells. After the fall we never really regained our enthusiasm for the zoo and were happy when it was finally time to head home. The open house apparetnly went well and I'm sure someone will make an offer based entirely on the lovely smell of freshly baked pie thanks to Jo who had popped one in the oven just after we left, these realtors and their tricks eh! I enjoyed eating the pie!

This one was taken right before he fell backwards off the train!

Neil flosses the whales teeth with Seb.

"What happens if I pull this red thing daddy?"

2 pounds worth of black sheep. (My Dad used to say whoever spots a black sheep gets 50p)

Sheep are very, very rare in Alberta, that must be why they have so many at the Zoo.

Seb pets a nice dangley eared goat. I believe these must also be rare in Alberta.

Aww, this one was cute. He almost looks like he's smiling.

I love elephants I do! Look at his face, he's amazing!

The weather changed drastically during the course of our day out and as we headed back down 50th street towards Beaumont the storm was rolling in so I took a few snaps from the car window.

Moody sky over St Vital church.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Friday, May 01, 2009

The munchkins....

Isobel wearing her fabulous new bow hair clip!

Daddy you crack me up!

Yoghurt chops!

outside...without coats!!