Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Springfest 2015....

One thing I do love about living in these mountains is the coming and going of the seasons. Growing up in southern England the transition from one season to another was not something I ever paid enough attention to. Perhaps because there is a lot more samey-kind-of-weather throughout the year there or perhaps it's just that it wasn't something that we as a family gave enough of a focus. I don't know but these days it's something that constantly fascinates me and I want my kids to notice and to celebrate all the different smells and feelings and colours that we encounter as we move through each year. You can't fail to notice the bursting into life of Spring in these parts!  It's something that is very much celebrated in Waldorf education and I love that! Last Sunday we all went along to the second annual Springfest (see last years photos here), a community event organized by our lovely school to celebrate all things Springy. After a week of grey skies and constant drizzle the warmth and light of the sun was a most welcome sight! It couldn't have been more perfect weather for our celebration of this season. Neil was busy manning the lemonade stand while the kids and I explored the various craft stations and activities. Seb's favourite was the obstacle course complete with slack-line, Bel was most excited for the bouncy castle and Silas was loving having the freedom to toddle about in the sunshine and destroy....I mean explore the enchanted forest. To top off the event some of the older kids from the school put on an impressive Maypole dance accompanied by some beautiful fiddle playing from our class helper Miss Sonia. There were smiles and laughter, colourful hula hoops and happy painted faces and it was indeed a most lovely way to spend a sunny Spring day.

Seb said he was being a peace sign in the photo above. I seem to be raising me some hippy children and I must admit I quite like it! :)