Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wicked storm.....

Neil and I did a little storm chasing a couple of nights ago. We were out walking Sully and became pretty concerned about a sinister looking cloud over to the west of Beaumont. It really looked like like a tornado was forming, the sky was swirling and green and everything seemed to be sucking into this very scary low cloud. Anyway we rushed home a little bit scared then decided to grab the camera, jump in the car and brave the tornado to get a good picture for the blog. By the time we got back out there the cloud had stopped swirling and spread out a little. We missed the money shot but did manage to get a pretty good lightning photo as seen above.
Oh and the previous night I saw the Aurora Borealis! But I didn't get a photo of that : (

Friday, June 25, 2010

At the beach with Grama....

I'm still trying to catch up so I thought I'd post some photos from Grandma Toni's visit back in May. The weather is always a bit up and down in Alberta at that time of year, you never know what your gonna get! While Toni was here we had the whole spectrum, she arrived during a blizzard, had some wet and rainy days and then a few like this day at the beach...30 degrees and sunny!

When Grama came to visit....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Look what I've been up to.......

This is my new photography website www.streamphotography.ca. I'm very excited and SOOO happy with how it all looks. Since the website's been up and running I've had quite a lot of interest and have already booked several portrait and wedding sessions! Don't forget to check out my photography blog by clicking on the Blog tab on the website. I'm desperately seeking comments so please do check in now and again and leave me a comment to let me know what you think of my work.
: )

We're still here...honest!

I'm sorry we haven't posted anything for so long. We've been so busy with all kinds of stuff like making surprise trips to England, setting up a photography business, trying to sell a house, landscaping, trying to buy another business, selling all our cars, buying a new car, oh the list goes on.
Anyway, I finally found a minute just to update the blog and give it a bit of a new look, what do reckon? I feel like I'm in a nice cabin or something : )

I'd better start by saying we're all fine. Neil's wrist is still broken, Bel's doing amazingly well and Seb is talking like crazy...ALL THE TIME! We made a (well overdue) trip back to jolly old England and surprised the hell out of everyone. We ate tons of yummy nosh, went to the zoo, spent time with the family and generally had such a good time we were all a bit sad to come home.
Here are a few pics from our trip.....