Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We love playdough!

Hehehe! This is Seb's playdough masterpiece. I LOVE it (epescially the hair)!! I'd hang it on the wall if it wasn't going to dry up and go all crusty and horrible.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Yes, he's mastered it! Seb has totally wowed us with his cycling skills on his cute little runners bike. Yesterday we took some pics of him zooming up and down our street at quite a speed! He was taking turns and even casually looking around like a pro while gliding along with his feet up. I'm seriously impressed with how well he can balance even around corners and we really think he could happily get on a pedal bike and be whizzing about without any training wheels. I would highly recommend these little bikes for giving kids the whole idea of balancing on a two wheeler while taking it totally at their own pace. Neil took some video and if I can figure out how I'll post it on the blog because the photos just don't show how good he is. We also got some pretty good action footage of Seb's first ever wipe out! His poor little knees look bashed up today, anyone know where I can buy some little knee pads??

Poor Miss Bel is still too little to even sit on her bike but she seems to love just getting to push it around. Notice how she has cleverly customized her bike with a cute floral bag (so she can bring her baby on bike rides of course :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fish, fish and the Goudreau's....

After the Headley's had left town we barely had time to do a load of laundry and start feeling lonely before the Goudreau's arrived! Once again the Tofino weather decided not to cooperate and I found myself repeatedly saying "If it wasn't so foggy there's a lovely view over there". Fog, cloud and rain, sheesh. Maybe next time they'll get to see Tofino in all her sunny glory. No sooner than they had arrived and the boys set about planning the meals for the duration of their visit. In a change to the usual Alberta staple....meat, meat and more meat we consumed sea creatures for every meal. Halibut, salmon, oysters, crab and cod in various forms over a day an a half. As Darcie said "we won't be needing an omega 3 tablet today" : )

The weather may have been crappy but the company was good ( and so was the food). Come again soon D and O!

Headley's come to town...

They finally made it! and I finally got to meet the little man that has made their dreams come true. Little Sleepy Sethie Pants ( that's not his real name just another unfortunate nickname so that he doesn't feel left out when in the company of "Belly Fried Rice" and "Monkey Pant's Mcgee"....... I'm sorry kids.)
They all arrived with a cloud of, well, cloud and got to see Tofino at it's greyist and dullest, yipee. Never-the-less we kept dragging poor Seth out of his sweet slumbers and packing him off to the beach and to the rainforest and to town. I'm sure he didn't know what was going on with all the wet sea air, sand in his eyes and noisy small people in his face so he pretty much decided to sleep through it. He probably kept hoping he'd wake up back in nice warm alberta, "where everybody know's your name".

Monkey Pant's Mcgee, errr I mean Seb, loved every minute spent with the Headley's and was very sad to see them go home. I have a feeling he'd have liked to go with them. Bel loved every minute spent with Seth and honest to god nearly smothered the poor boy with love.

Neil dragged a somewhat reluctant Nigel into the ice cold waters of the North Pacific only to discover that he was born to surf and probably had the most fun covered in rubber that he's had for a while!

Funny how my long board looks like a perfect short board for Nigel :)

Love those chubby cheeks!!

Seth chillin' with his homies. ( I don't even know if that's how you spell "homies" but I'm pretty sure that phrase is so ten years ago and I should never use it again.)

Don't they make a lovely little family ;)

The sun came out for a whole five minutes in which time I tried to take as many photos as possible.

And so after a couple of day's spent playing and laughing in the cool sea air and chatting with old friends while our toes warmed by the fire they left us again and flew back to our old home. Here we are again. Just the four of us.