Sunday, April 30, 2006


OH MY GOD!! I got to go to the starting line of the GUMBALL 3000 in Central London.
Unbelievable. I saw all the stars and the cars.....
I wish i had a spare £40,000 to enter! Oh and a fast car. Oh well mabee next year. Hehe
So take a look.....


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Passport Requests and Roof

Hello there eh?

SOooooooooo much has happened since we last blogged.

1) We have a roof

2) we have the correct windows

3) we have a porch

4) we have bath tubs

5) last but not least, drum roll...... drrrrrrrrrrrrrrr WE HAVE PASSPORT REQUESTS! This means that we are done, that was the last hurdle, we will have our visas in our hands in 10 days time.

Oh I almost forgot, Our flights are now booked, we are off on the 3rd of August 2006.

We have put the other pics in our picture gallery.