Friday, August 22, 2014

Bowen Island

On our way to Whistler we took a route through BC that brought us through Lillooet and Pemberton and into Whistler from the north, different to our usual route through Vancouver. The scenery was fantastic and it's always nice to see places you've never seen before but of course this meant that we didn't get as far as the ocean. We decided that we couldn't go all that way and not see the sea so on our way home we took the road south out of Whistler and, before hitting Vancouver, took a little detour via ferry to Bowen Island.  
I miss the sea. I've said it a million times here before I know but I miss it so much. I was so excited to get on that ferry! And walking on that beach was really like a healing balm to my poor landlocked heart! 
Bowen Island is lovely. Just lovely. It's only a 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay which makes it totally commutable to Vancouver. If we ever get to Vancouver... I'm living on Bowen! 

The sea water was so warm (by comparrison to Tofino and our mountain lakes in Canmore). It wasn't the warmest of days but I could easily have taken a quick dip if we'd had more time. 

This is Cates Bay Beach one of several nice beaches on the wee island. Just look at that house in the photo below, for me it's perfection.  With it's silvered cedar shingles, metal roof and smoke wafting from the chimney it's almost like someone plucked it right from my pinterest board :) 

Silas had a good'ol nap in the sea air from his perch on the drift wood. 

His first dip in the ocean!

Bowen is very hilly and covered in forest. Lots of beautiful cedars and ferns. There are a couple of lakes, a few little cafe's and eateries, a handful of cute shops, a few farms and lots of beautiful houses tucked away amongst the trees.  The beaches are covered in driftwood and mussel shells and the tide pools are full of sea treasures. I really love it! There is something about it that reminds me of Tofino and something that reminds me of England, we foraged for blackberries and even found a Horse Chestnut tree and collected a few conker's to take home!

We had a lovely time and left with our souls refreshed, our lungs filled with fresh, salty air and a
feeling inside that tells me we will be back in the not too distant future.

Whistler with the Parham's.....

Lake swimming, bike riding, paddle boarding, downhill mountain biking, eating, more eating and a fair bit of wine drinking......we had such a lovely week with Dan and MJ in Whistler I didn't want it to end! We miss you so much already guys!  Same again next year?  We just need the Hayton's to join us, now that would be fun!