Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Hello. I cannot believe this is real but I got to see my little baby today for the first time. The ultrasound quality on the pictures are not that great. When i was watching the ultrasound being done on Sophie I could see everything very clear. The little baby just kept moving around and the tech couldnt get a clear shot. So anyway meet ??????

He looks just like me!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Close up's

Purple Flower

Candle Light

White Flower

Eye of Doog

Pink Flower


Farewell Ged I and hello Ged II!

Today we said goodbye to Ged our volvo. He was getting a bit shakey and keeping him all fixed up was costing us a fortune. We were sad to see him go but we pulled off his number plate and officially named our new car Ged II.

Bye Bye Ged I!

Hello Ged II! A bit smaller, a bit newer and best of all...with a whole 2 years of warranty!

Looking cosy in his new home. I'm sure Neil won't let him stay out in the cold for long, he'll soon be tucked up in his new garage.

Neil here...... I decided to add a few more pictures.... nice eh?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Kim's house

Meet Cameron. This is Kim's little baby boy, he's only a few weeks old and he's very cute. We went to visit Cameron and his family today. They have 40 acres of woodland not far from Beaumont with donkeys and goats and quad bikes. We got to see Lightning, the baby donkey we visited a couple of months ago and also got to see some baby fainting goats that had just been born a few days ago.

Here's Kim and family walking the donkey family.

Baby Lightning skipping out of the trees.

Neil with the cutest of the goat triplets. We liked this one's crooked ears.

Neil and Cameron comparing hair styles.

Smiley, happy baby goat.

Cameron doing some opera singing.

Green grass and green trees at last!

Cameron's older brother Jordan.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

May long weekend at home....

We've had some lovely weather lately, last week while we were stuck at work it almost reached 30 degrees but sadly this weekend it's cooled down and become a bit cloudy. Anyway I thought I'd add some photos to show you all how green and nice everything looks now (finally!) Here's a picture of the house I took about 5 minutes ago.
This photo of Doog was taken last night at about 8pm. It stays light here until about 10.30pm now.

Here I made Doogy pose in front of some flowers. You can tell by the way he's leaning back that I have a biscuit in my hand.
I thought I'd add this one in to show you all how different it looks out the back of the house these days. So many houses have gone up now. The house you can see on the right hand side is Nigel and Sarah's house. It should be ready for them to move into in October.

Here's another Doogy pose. I couldn't get him to sit facing me, he's not a very cooperative model.

Here's Neil mowing the front lawn last night for the first time since last October.

And this was last nights dinner. Since we got the BBQ we've been trying to work our way through the one ton supply of burgers we seem to have.

And this is me looking rather fat, anyone would think I'm pregnant or something.