Monday, March 23, 2015

Walking, or more accurately, sliding Johnson Canyon.....

Yesterday we took advantage of the warm springy weather and headed out past Banff to Johnson Canyon to get some fresh air into our lungs and appreciate some beautiful mountain scenery. In Canmore there's barely a speck of snow on the ground in the valley but as it turned out the canyon trail was well packed with a freeze-thawed layer of slush and ice. As beautiful as the surrounding may have been the ice did put a damper on things a wee bit. Seb loved sliding the icy downhills but Neil and I.....not so much. At one point Isobel very nearly slipped under the railing and plummeted to the bottom of the canyon, saved only by a lifesaving grab from Neil! And with Silas riding on Neil's back it definitely increased the possibility of nasty baby-crushing injury! 
Overall I am glad we ventured out there and I did get some nice photos to appreciate from the comfort of home but next time.....we'll bring some ice cleats! 

Look at those toothy-pegs!

Just some goings on from our nest........