Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Daddy's little girl....

She's got him just where she wants cute little smile and she can totally melt the tough man! I think he knows he's in for some trouble with this one.

Another big boy.....

What a big boy!

I can't believe how Sully has grown! He's massive now and he's still got a long way to grow! For the most part he's a very good boy and he's doing really well with walking on the lead and learning to fetch, it's just the potty training he's not doing so great at. Between Sully and Seb I'm never quite sure who it is that's creating all the puddles.

Spagetti Melonese and other mealtime fun.....

Isn't it funny how kids don't care about getting messy and about mixing up their food. I've seen Seb happliy dip his pasta into his yogurt and carry on eating. Here's Bel enjoying her slices of of melon covered in Bolognese sauce, yum!

This is Seb pretending to be Pinoccio or something. He put the colander on his head and told me the handle was is nose.

Friday, April 02, 2010

A couple of day's at Dead Man's Flat's.......

We've spent the last couple of days at Dead Man's Flat's, a hamlet just outside Canmore Alberta. We were pretty pleased with our little condo at the Copperstone Lodge, a lot cheaper than anywhere we've stayed in Banff and a whole lot bigger too. We had a proper kitchen for Neil to cook up some yummy dinners and two bedrooms so no sharing with noisy babies....yeah!! We even brought Sully Wully along to enjoy his first Rocky Mountain experience. Can't tell you how much I loved getting woken up at 5am to take him out for a pee! Actually it wasn't so bad, once I'd cleared the sleep from my eyes I got to see some stunning scenery, the mountain tops were literally glowing in the early morning light, thanks Sully, wish I could wake up to that every morning. We were only 15 minutes from Banff and five minutes from Canmore. We've stopped in Canmore many times on our way through to Banff but this was the first time we really explored the town and I have to say I think I might even prefer it to Banff. It's a nice place with some amazing shops, good restaurants and really pretty trails.

We had a ground floor condo which made for easy peeing....for the dog of course, we had a nice toilet inside thanks.

Sully is turning into quite the cute teddy bear. He got lots of attention from passers by on our trip.

Early morning at the Copperstone Lodge.

Lunch at Murrietta's in Canmore.....really nice place, Sebastian was especially impressed with the coloured pencil selection.

Lemon face!

Seb had great fun feeding the duckies in Canmore. They went a bit crazy, don't think they'd eaten much lately.

Policeman's Creek.......aptly named for a stroll with Neil.