Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Isobel and her new hat....

Grandad Dale requested a few more photos of Isobel because she makes him smile. She makes me smile too with her cute little curly lips and big blue eyes. So while Seb was having his afternoon nap baby Bel and I had a little photo session. I took a few pictures of her with her little tuft in a pretty bow and then a few of her trying on her new winter hat. Poor thing still doesn't have much hair to keep that little head warm this winter.

Cheeky Monkey turns two...

It's hard to believe but our little baby boy is already two! We didn't have a party this year but Seb certainly had a good day. He was so cute opening his pressies and even said "Wowee" when he opened his massive ride along digger from the Headley's! He even managed to blow out his own candles, I was quite impressed!

This was the Wowee moment.

Happy as a sandboy as Grandad Dale would say.

"One MILLION dollars"

Love you monkey!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ralston family vaccation....Vancouver Island

We spent Thanksgiving week in Victoria, Beautiful British Columbia. We strolled on beaches, collected pebbles, ate fish and chips and drove along lovely winding, tree lined roads (with the occasional stop to clean up a car-sick toddler). We loved every minute! Well, maybe not the sicky minutes.

After a frantic late arrival at the airport and yet another sprint to the plane loaded with babies and their paraphenalia, we left Edmonton and the snowy, flat prairies behind and arrived in an autumn wonderland of tree covered hills. We picked up our rental car and headed into Victoria. Our first impression was that the place reminded us of England with the windy roads and the trees and farm land. In Victoria the double decker busses made us smile, we felt like we'd come home.

Our faithful Hyundai, Neil loved it, especially once it smelled faintly of sick!)

Victoria is a beautiful city and so refreshing when you've spent the last three years trying to decipher one street from the next in the depressing and characterless grid system of Edmonton. I don't know if it was just us but even the Tim Hortons hash browns taste better there. Maybe it's the sea air or something. I took over 300 photos in the five days we were on the Island. I've whittled it down but there's still 100 or so posted here so please forgive me if they're not in a sensible order or if I don't write much about them all. I'm sure you'll get a prettty good idea of how nice it was and what a good time we had.
So, in no particular order..........

Seb was so funny splashing about in the "cuddles" as he called them.

I wish we could've rented a scooter in Victoria, ahh the good old days! No so easy with two little monkeys in tow.

Cuddles for Daddy. So sweet!

Check out these buns! There are so many yummy, locally made foods and wines and little shops like this bakery that sell all this delicious stuff.

The bug zoo in Victoria. Eeugh!

I could have taken lots more photos of Victoria if I wasn't trying to push a stroller and hold an umbrella over it at the same time. I totally forgot to pack the rain sheild so poor little Isobel got a little damp.

This was one of my favorite parts of the trip, fish and chips at the Rock Cod Cafe in Cowichan Bay. It was a proper salty sea dog kind of a place and really reminded me of many a fishy sunday lunch in Dungeness when the windows are slightly steamed up and it's a bit grey and drizzly outside. Perfect!!

Little and large ready to hit the hot tub!


We spent thanksgiving day at French Beach. This was truely one of the lovliest beaches I've ever been to. It's far away from any real town and felt totally untouched and wild. The water was so unbelievably clear and blue even on a grey day, and the noise of the water pulling back through the pebbles was amazing. It's apparently a good spot to see migrating humpback whales and Orca's at this time of year so our eyes were glued to the sea most of the time, so much so that we literally tripped over a dead seal. Poor thing looked pretty fresh, Neil thought it was asleep!

The biggest piece of driftwood I've ever seen! Can you spot Seb?

Listening to a pebble. Grandpa Nigel would be proud.

We did get some sunshine!

Intersting driftwood on French Beach.

I love pebbles I do!

Spot the funny-beaked birdie.

Miss pretty and Daddy enjoying the bracing sea air.

What a perfect home for a wee smart car! My little green smarty would have liked it here.

I loved the rainforesty ferns. So pretty.

Sooke river, everywhere we went the water was crystal clear. This spot was especially beautiful with the lovely autumn leaves.

The view from our balcony at Bear mountain.