Friday, July 30, 2010

Belly's hair.....

A quick update on the slow progress of Isobel's hair. Since she was born she's had her trademark top knot, a piece of hair that sprouts out of the top of her head. Now, at 17 months old, she's actually got a reasonable amount of proper hair. Soon I might even be able to brush it! Yay!

Mummy's little helpers.......

Five minutes before this photo was taken this room contained several piles of lovely clean laundry, folded meticulously and stacked according to which Ralston it belonged. I leave the room, a few minutes later I re-enter and find that my two little helpers have "reorganized"...on the floor, leaving not a single item folded.
Thanks monkey's :)

The kids get a special treat.....

Everyone always tells you how your kids will love playing with the box more than the expensive toy that came in it. Well I didn't even bother with the expensive toy......enjoy your lovely new box kids! The only problem, as with everything these day's......I should have got two.


5.7 Litre HEMI baby

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double double?

Yes, Bel is truly Canadian, Seb, well he's just "Shuper Man!"

Friday, July 02, 2010

Mr Big....

Having sold all our cars and been vehicleless for the last week, yesterday we finally picked up our new truck, Mr Big. So far so good, I haven't squished anyone yet.

S'more s'more's anyone?

Yesterday was Canada day. We'd been planning to sit out on the porch to watch the fireworks but it was a little on the chilly side so we set up an impromptu firepit. We had to put it out on the street side of the house, hill billy style, to get the good view. So there we sat on the driveway, pretty much in the gutter enjoying our S'mores and cup's of tea : )

Oh my Monkey's....

Just some pics of Bel and Seb monkeying around.

Miss Bel giving Mummy's toes a kiss. I didn't ask her to, she just kisses everything all the time!