Friday, August 21, 2009

More at Ma-me-o.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sand castles and seaguls....even in Alberta!

There's nothing quite like a summer's day at the beach. When I was a wee kiddy my summer days were spent digging in the sand with the wind and the waves and the sound of the seaguls squawking overhead. I miss good old Greatstone beach very, very much. Anyway, enough reminiscing, this week we hit the beach Alberta style! It wasn't quite the same but it was just what we needed after being pretty much housebound for the last few weeks. The sand was soft, the sun was shining and Neil even packed us some Hobza! (no idea if that's how you spell it.) Dale, Neil and Johanna pinched Keith's boat for the day and had a whale of a time tubing and wakeskating while the kiddies and I spent the day chilling on the beach with some friends. Seb loved playing with his digger in the sand and chasing the seagulls and Isobel seemed to just enjoy being out in the fresh air and having the wind in her tuft! We all left with smiles on our faces, it was indeed a good day.

Ooo I love this house! It's a stones throw from the beach and so pretty! I want it!

Ma-me-o Beach......miles of soft sand, hardly any people and ice creams a two minute walk away!

Isobel soaking up a few rays (not too many though, she's pretty pastey!)

Seb joined the other's on the boat and instantly fell asleep! I can't believe he can sleep on a speed boat and not in a car!