Saturday, July 16, 2011

Time for a switcheroo...

So this was Belly's room (above) and this was Seb's room (below) and everything was fine and dandy apart from one thing......Miss Bel likes to wake up in the morning at about 6 am and Seb prefers to slumber until after 8am.

In order for Bel to get out of her room and into mine to wake me up at 6am ;[ she needs to pass through Seb's room and apparently stop and play with his toys and bang around clattering and chatting to herself for 15 minutes or so. This was causing Seb great distress and every morning we'd hear him shout "IS-O-BELLLL!!! I'M SLEEEEPING!" and then he'd be cranky all morning. We decided to take action and although I loved the kiddies rooms just as they were we needed to switch things up. So after some quick furniture dismantling and remantling Sebbie's room is now Belly's room and Belly's room is now Sebbie's room. got it?

I quite liked Bel's room as soon as all the stuff was in there (she has a lot of stuff it seems.) Her little weeny bed was more suited to the smaller room and she's still got space for her kitchen and table.

Although his bed was a bit more to scale in the big space Seb's room looked bland as a bland thing and I was quite disappointed. It was just too dull. After pondering the dullness for a few hours I came up with a plan and dug out my trusty coloured paper and scissors. A couple of minutes later, with the addition of a few slightly rushed sea creature cut outs, things are looking a little brighter in there.

And the results of all our hard work....Bel did NOT wake up Seb this morning.....but Seb still woke up at before the clock struck 7. Grrrr!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Neil finally gets his wings (well a kite)

Neil is sooooooo excited! I'm SOOOOO excited! After about 6 or 7 years of wanting to kite surf, his little dream has finally come true (sort of, he hasn't actually kite surfed yet.) He has a kite and a board though and lots of rope and stuff to keep him attached to both and he's ready to go. He had his first lesson the other day, which to my relief took place on a day with almost non-exsistant wind and thankfully on the relative safety of a beach. His instructor told him he's a natural and that he's never seen anyone control a kite so well on their first try. I'm not sure if it's his natural talent or if it's all the hours and hours of youtube video instruction he's taken over the last week or so. I'm surprised he's not already doing 50 foot jumps with the amount of "study" he's done ;) Anyway, here are some pics of Neil with his new toy and, trust me here, the biggest smile he's possibly ever had......

Fresh crab anyone?

Our little crabby friend looks a little scared don't you think? Well as it turns out he had every reason to be.......
The kids and I were having an imaginary dinner in Bel's room, just something tasty that she'd cooked up in her lovely new kitchen, when suddenly Seb announced that he wanted crab for dinner. He rushed off to his room and came back with his Crab toy (confusingly also named Sebastian), plonked him down on the chopping board and set about chopping him up! I think Seb must really be becoming a coastal kid and quite the budding chef it seems!

He's a bit of a savage though when it comes to actually eating the crab.

Bel was a bit more delicate with her crab cutting.

Salmon berries a-go-go

Remember the pretty dark pink flowers that attracted all the hummingbirds to my garden in back in May? Well that same plant is now sprouting berries galore. Yes, the salmon berries are here! I've been watching them slowly slowly appear and slowly, sloooowly ripen for so long. having never eaten (or even heard of) salmon berries before moving to Tofino I was quite excited to try one, especially because I had some growing in my own back yard. So I decided enough was enough. They had turned a lovely bright orange colour and looked about a ripe as they were going to get so we picked'em and ate'em. just like that.