Saturday, September 27, 2008

Seb's very pleased with himself....

In the last few day's Sebastian has progressed from being able to unsteadily toddle a few paces to being able to walk with total control (well maybe not total) all by himself! We're very proud of him and he seems to be very proud of himself beaming and laughing with every step he takes! Today we even took him for a stroll around the block and he loved it! The big smile in the photo above was a result of Doog bolting past at full speed, Seb found it highly amusing.

He doesn't quite know what to do with his hands yet and keeps them up in the air ready to meet the floor or any other potential obstacles.

This one's a bit out of focus but I love the look of panic on Neil's face as Seb heads towards the very bumpy rocky surface. Click on the photo for a larger, clearer view.


Well, it's not exactly crafty but I'm quite proud of myself for making an autumn wreath for my front door and with the left over leaves and stuff a pretty autumn table centerpiece.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The not-so-happy face of Sebastian.....

Just to prove he's not always smiley and happy! After all he's only human.

Seb with Mummy and Daddy....

My tummy.....

Getting a little bigger and feeling some little kicks and pokes from within these days.


Neil had an interesting call at work the other night......a moose lost in Millwoods! I'm not sure what the moose was doing in Millwoods but bearing in mind it's often known as Killwoods, every other person seems to own a gun and Moose meat is mighty tasty, I'm sure it wasn't the best place for him to spend an evening.
"Do you think they'll notice me behind this deck? Maybe if I stay really, really still my antlers will blend in with the railings."

The cunning moose tries to hide behind the shrubbery in someones back yard.

He makes a dash for it, perhaps he's off to Daisy Queen for some dinner.

A few cute snaps of you know who....

Chasing his favorite car toy.

Look who's behind you!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


SEB AT BREAKFAST.....Mummy asleep.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yellow leaves....

I just noticed that in the last few days the leaves on the trees have all started to change colour. For some reason I really like Autumn and get quite excited when I start seeing things change especially here where the changes in the seasons are so dramatic. I like noticing the cool, crisp air after feeling hot and stuffy all summer. I like autumn colours and woolly cardigans and I especially like pumpkins on porches! But that's just me, I'm sure Neil would love it to be hot and summery all year round. Anyway I thought that this evening the trees in our street looked quite striking so I took a few snaps of the street and the house. I even managed to catch a glimpse of our neighbors taking their pony's out for a walk which is pretty rare as I don't think their pony's live here!

Our porch, no pumpkins yet but I'm sure it won't be long.

The suddenly bright yellow elm trees lining our street.

Our neighbours out for an evening ride. Where to? Who knows, maybe they're off to Lube City for an oil change.

Erin's baby shower....

Today Seb and I had a busy day, we went over to Erin's for her baby shower and from there we went to see Hunter who's 2nd birthday party was today. I can't believe he's already 2!! By the time we reached Hunter's house he was already sleeping off the effects of his Mcdonalds Play Place bash so we didn't get to see him but Seb had a great time chasing Avery around Mandy and Kelly's yard.
At the baby shower we had a play-doh baby making competition. Whoever made the best baby within 5 minutes was the winner. Can you tell which was my baby? Sadly I didn't win although I don't know why, the detail on my baby was far superior to the others, mine had a belly button and was clearly a baby boy if you know what I mean. It's the green one at the top of the photo spread-eagled in front of the bottle.
The judging of the play-doh babies.

Hudsyn, Erin's little neice tucking into the yummy nosh.

Hudsyn was offering Seb her cracker but it looks to me like he was really after the barbie doll!

The first toy Seb picked up as soon as we arrived was this little police car. Neil would have been so pleased!

Awww! Little Keaton (and he really is little) the star of the party!
Erin opening her stash of presents including the enormous one below!

Cutie Keaton again.

Look what I found in the cupboard....

Seb has taken to opening and closing our kitchen cupboards whenever he gets a chance. We've had the baby-proofing door locks for about a week and a half but as yet haven't had a chance to actually attach them to the doors so I've had to keep pulling him out the kitchen before he hurts himself or causes any damage. Well today he took it further and while I was washing up his bottles he opened the corner cupboard and got inside. He seemed pretty pleased with himself!

Thursday, September 11, 2008



Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy anniversary!

It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since Neil and I got married. It seems like yesterday and yet so much has changed since then! We celebrated our first anniversary and Neil's birthday by returning to Emerald Lake (any excuse!). It was so nice to be back and so good to have so many happy memories of being there with our families and friends. The whole place really reminds me of that amazing week and all the fun we had. Whenever we walked into breakfast I half expected to see everyone sitting around sipping their morning tea! I don't know what it is about Emerald Lake but it seems that we just keep having more and more special times there, this visit saw Sebastian take his first completely unaided steps, I felt baby number 2 do some major movements for the first time and we had some really good news from home! So all in all it was pretty eventful!!
It was a little cooler than this time last year but just as beautiful as always. Seb seemed so excited to be there, so much so that he refused to sleep the first night at all and spent the night in our bed kicking and wriggling. Neil had insisted we buy him a back pack to sit in so that we could take him on his first ever hike. He loved it and was obviously pretty comfy in there. Anyway here are some pics from the trip........

The amazing morning mist reflected in the lake.

Seb behind bars where he belongs!! Aww!

Looking like a big boy in a big chair.

Look! Standing by himself!!

Love this little woolly hoody Thanks Nana Zena!!

Having a stroll down Banff Avenue.

Breakfast at Emerald Lake, my favorite time of the day.

Seb taking a walk on the lawn with Daddy.

The Ralston's one year on.

Aww, the lovely spot where we got married.
We visited the Cave and Basin historic site in Banff. It's a natural hot spring and was the reason that the Banff national park was first formed. It's not open for swimming these days it's kind of an interpretive centre explaining all about the park. Neil wasn't too impressed, interpretive centre's aren't his thing apparently. He was especially unimpressed with the eggy sulphur smell that wafted around after us the whole time!

A stage coach trotting along Banff Avenue.

Seb and I relaxing on the porch at the lodge.

Sebastian's first hike!

A leaf. I like leaves.

Look at those happy chaps!

It started to rain a little about half way through our hike. Seb was the only one with decent rain protection.

Some wet leaves. I thought they were pretty.

The amazing scenery! It never ceases to amaze me.