Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Silas turned three (way back in April)!

Forgive me for still trying to catch up with some of the events that have passed us by while I haven't been blogging. I'm getting there slowly but surely. 

Back in April my wee ginger love turned three! Three years gone in flash since this crazy ginger character made his grand entrance into my life. His arrival was beautiful, horrendous and dramatic all at once, my only completely natural and drug free birth had me feeling all the feelings! Calmness, control, love, pain, panic, relief and so much more love!  He cried so much after he was born that the doctors checked him over again just to make sure there wasn't a problem! He started how he meant to go on and still to this day is known to cry for up to an hour over more or less nothing! But man is he AMAZING! Funny beyond belief and such a snuggler! There no place I'd rather be than in the middle of one of his cuddles! 

Neil was away on April 18th so we decided that as Silas would be none the wiser we'd just tell him his birthday was a couple of days later so that Neil didn't have to miss out on the celebrations. Simple. When the big day came around I found it harder than expected not to let the cat out of the bag. I had to literally stifle Isobel's enthusiastic birthday wishes and mute the skype voice message from Nana, Kaka, Molly and Violet singing Happy Birthday. I kept thinking about what a horrible Mum I was not to acknowledge this special day! By about three O'clock just as my guilt was easing slightly Silas bluntly asked "Mama? Is it my Burfday?" 
I replied with a week "er...nooo." 
"It is. It is my Burfday." He shot back bluntly before walking away, disgruntled. 
Eugh! He knew it was his birthday all along! I don't know how but he definitely knew! And now he knew that his own Mum didn't even care! 
I made sure to make up for things a few days later, we even had an impromptu party at our new Ukee neighbors house with half the town there to sing Happy Birthday and I'm pretty sure our crazy Ginger loved being the centre of attention!

Love you so much Sisi! Happy burfday!

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